Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Mod Lighting From Gretel Home!

Know what it's like to shop at an online store that changes its look with every season? You will if you browse through Gretel, a Miami-based online design shop founded by British interior designer, Abby Kellet.

Kellet treats her store sections like window displays, and has her products photographed in different themes, hoping to make shopping at Gretel "inspirational" and "enjoyable."

"I love browsing in stores with gorgeous displays and wanted to offer a similar experience online," she says.

But 'window' displays aren't the main attraction on her site -- quirky, mod lighting and home decor designs steal all the attention. And Kellet's willing to share them with us at discount, just in time for Mother's Day.

While more than an adequate amount of modern design is available in the United States, Kellet believes much of it it lacks emotion and warmth. Wishing to change that, she opened her online shop in late 2009 and began selling "objects that would help customers make their homes personal and cozy."

"I love beautiful objects but I don't like clutter, so I intended to present a small but carefully curated collection," she says of the products she features on the site.

The Bargain Huntress has her eye on pendant lights from Iacoli & McAllister, which combine the appeal of nautical lanterns with the bold colors and elegant modernism of Art Deco. They range from $185 to $265, depending on size, but look marvelous hanging from the ceiling, especially, when grouped together.

The sleek, white votive holders designed by Arik Levy for Eno are also worth checking out, as they'd probably make it aboard Captain Flint's ship, if he had some style and grace and wasn't a fictional character.


Kellett wants to help you buy the beautiful gifts your mom deserves, so she's giving RentedSpaces readers an exclusive 20 percent discount on all orders from now until May 17, 2010. You can even score free shipping when you spend $100 or more! Use offer code RS2010 at checkout to receive the discount.

Thank you for thinking of our moms, Abby!

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Have a favorite home décor or furniture Web site? Let us know and Bargain Huntress will prowl for sales, coupons and exclusive discounts to offer you the best deals possible!
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