Ace of Space: Small Space Solutions for Your Home Office

Whether you work at home or only use your little office to pay the bills, keeping it organized will save you time and headaches. And when friends visit you won't be embarrassed by a desk filled with clutter.

Below are a few tips to get your started.

1. Say goodbye to piles.

Trinkets and piles take up a lot more space that you realize. Removing excess piles, like paper, will give you extra space to focus on writing or other creative endeavors. Saying goodbye to those pesky piles will increase your productivity immensely.

2. Recycle excess paper.

Paper can create a lot of clutter. For instance, I had enormous piles of paper on my desk and those piles didn't leave a lot of room for writing. Now I scan all of my documents into PDFs. I highly recommend this strategy. Now that all my documents are on my computer, I can easily find the content I need for my various projects.

Set aside a block of time and sort through your excess paperwork. Only keep what you'll use in the future and recycle everything else. And remember to scan the important documents into PDFs.

3. Organize items you use frequently.

Once you're done decluttering your desk, think about the items you use everyday. Things like pens, paperclips, and writing notebooks should be kept in desk drawers or in neat piles on the surface of your desk. Make sure the items you use frequently stay organized.

4. Avoid keeping unnecessary office supplies in your desk.

Every time I walk into an office supply store, I want to buy post-it notes, journals, pens and other accessories. I think, well I need to keep my home office well-stocked with supplies. In reality, this isn't the case. Purchasing a lot of extra stuff will only lead to clutter. So the next time you're at the store, say no to the buying urge.

5. Invest in a minimal desk.

Big bulky furniture takes up a lot of space and can collect clutter quickly. To solve this problem, I recommend looking into a minimal desk set-up. Heckler Design has a beautiful desk on the market. It doesn't take up a lot of space and this type of set-up will force you to put your stuff away.

6. Keep it simple and organized.

Take 10 minutes at the end of each day to organize your desk. Recycle any unnecessary paper, wash your grimy coffee cup and create a to-do list for the next working day. When you walk into your office the next morning, you'll have a clean, organized, and beautiful space to work. Your focus can immediately go to the tasks necessary for the day!

Tammy Strobel blogs at RowdyKittens about simple living and is the author of Simply Car-free: How to Pedal Toward Financial Freedom and a Healthier Life.

The Ace of Space is a bi-weekly column that will provide you with the tips and tools to live lightly and creatively in a small space.

Note: Image from Heckler Design
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