Virtual Property Rights: Real Estate's Ridiculous Final Frontier

It apparently isn't enough that people all across America are losing their real homes to foreclosure because their real jobs have vanished. Now, we have people going to court suing over virtual-property rights.

You heard me. They are suing over real estate that doesn't even exist except in cyberspace and, apparently, the space between their ears.

This, after the real too-big-to-fail lending institutions lost a ton of real money on poor mortgage-backed investments -- throwing the entire freaking planet into a very real Great Recession that it's still trying to really recover from. (The institutions, meanwhile, pretty much landed on their feet due to a real transfusion of real taxpayer money into their real fat-cat wallets).

And even though the property in the lawsuit is virtual, the money involved is very real.

Confused? Let's backtrack.