Treasure Isle Mystery Chest: Locksmith promises to email, then doesn't

Treasure Isle Mystery Chest email -- not!
Treasure Isle Mystery Chest email -- not!

Raise your hand if you've run into this problem. You've been digging like a fiend in Treasure Isle and run across a Mystery Chest. Unlike the other chests you unearth, this chest can only be opened by a locksmith, who promises he'll send an email when its done...

Not sure what your experience has been, but we've never received that email from said locksmith. Is this kind of like when a guy promises to call and then doesn't? Or when someone 'borrows' your cell phone to make a call and then runs away with it instead? We even blew the dust off our spam folder to see if the messages were lost in there, but nothing.

Geez, getting stood up a virtual locksmith is almost as bad as getting stood up by the real-life cable guy. Harumph.

Have you been able to open these mystery chests?