Tiki Farm Tips & Cheats: Getting Started Guide


Tiki Farm is an exciting game on Facebook released by leading game developer Playdom in late 2009. In Tiki Farm, every player gets their own piece of exotic tropical island to harvest and tend to, and decorate to their heart's content. In addition to farming and decorating, Tiki Farm allows players to invite neighbors and visit islands that their friends have created. Everyone loves to show off their creations.

While Tiki Farm isn't the only island game on Facebook, it is one of the first and has had many months to release plenty of new content for players to enjoy. If you're looking for some great tips to help you learn how to play Tiki Farm, read on for a getting started guide.

Creating Your Avatar

When you log in to Tiki Farm for the first time, you'll find yourself on a deserted island with nothing aside from the clothing on your back, and a dramatic choice to make - are you a boy or a girl? Choosing your avatar is the first necessary step before you can actually begin playing Tiki Farm. Once you've selected your gender, the avatar customization screen will appear. This screen lets you pick your appearance, including your skin color, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and outfits. If you can't decide how you want to look, do not worry - you can change your avatar at any time by clicking the avatar button in the top right of your screen.

Starting the Tutorial

Next, you'll see your avatar standing beside a few plots of land with various crops growing upon them, and a tutorial will be presented to you. Do not skip this tutorial, it is a great source for all sorts of information you'll need to know to get started in Tiki Farm. This tutorial walks you through harvesting crops, selling crops from your storage area, plow plots, planting new plots, clearing bugs, watering, and creating new plots. The tutorial ends with a prompt to invite neighbors to Tiki Farm.

Planting Crops

To plant a crop in Tiki Farm, click on any empty and plowed plot and it will open up the Shop. The shop has an entire category for seeds, and sub-categories for the different lengths of times it takes for each seed to grow. Once a seed is planted, it will need time to grow before you can harvest it and sell it for coins. The trick to planting is to pick the crop that will be just reaching maturity when you can come back to play again. If you come back and harvest your crop right when it has grown to full size, you will receive a freshness bonus! If you're impatient, you can use fertility dolls to make your crops grow faster. These can be found in the Shop.

Harvesting and Selling Crops

Once your crops have matured, it's time to sell them! Clicking on a fully-grown crop will automatically harvest the crop and place it in your storage. You can open up your storage by clicking the barn icon in the lower left of your screen. Remember, that unless you open up your storage and sell your crops, you will not get any money for harvesting them. Harvesting a crop will give you 2XP each time.

Decorating Your Island

The Tiki Farm Shop contains many different items that you can use to customize your island and make it your very own. In the shop you'll find everything from buildings, trees, decorations, flags, animals, and fences. Some of these items will cost shells (which are free and earned by playing the game) and some will cost gems (which need to be purchased with real life money).

Leveling Up in Tiki Farm

As you play, your level will increase as you earn XP for playing Tiki Farm. You earn XP for watering your crops, visiting your neighbors, plowing, planting, harvesting, and clearing trash from your island.

Playing Tiki Farm with Friends

Inviting your friends to play Tiki Farm with you will make the game much more enjoyable. If you have neighbors, you will have people with which to send and receive gifts, and more islands to visit.

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