Students, beware these bad summer jobs

college students beware these bad summer jobs
college students beware these bad summer jobs

Summer is nearly here and many students will be taking temporary or seasonal jobs. But beware positions promising travel and easy money. Tempting as it may be to hang out with others your age and see the country, many of these jobs may end up costing you money and in extreme cases, can even put you in peril.

"Eliminate Vector, and the world will be a safer place for college students," blogs Will Robertson, a media technician in Salida, Calif. "I needed a job, saw the ad in the college newspaper, and made contact with the local office, located in Modesto," he said in an email. "I was nervous about the job at first, but went with it as it seemed like a good idea at first. But, I grew suspicious of the company quickly and was very uncomfortable with the door-to-door selling aspect of the job."

Vector Marketing, the seller of Cutco knives, in spite of its glossy-looking online ad and the inclusion of the company in college career day programs, has been repeatedly accused of using deception to profit "at the college students'' expense" by requiring students to buy the products up front.