Restaurant City: Free Chocolate and Chili to Fans

Restaurant City free chocolate and chili
Restaurant City free chocolate and chili

To promote their new Mexican restaurant theme, Restaurant City is offering free Chocolate and Chili ingredients to fans of their Facebook fanpage.

The Chili is a shoutout to their new hot Tortilla Stove, which is selling for 15 Playfish Cash and cooks 12% faster than a regular stove. It'll be available in the game until May 12th.

The Chocolate alludes to the candy-filled hanging donkey Piñata, which cost 12 PFC, and earns coins whenever a customer players. But it has to be reset after 4 uses.

Note: All links below will launch the game. You only need to keep the game window open for a few seconds to accept your free item.

FREE Chili, available 24 hours only:
FREE Chocolate, available 24 hours only:

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