Mafia Wars Rogue Agent announced

Mafia Wars Rogue Agent
Mafia Wars Rogue Agent

Today we have a new pop up in Mafia Wars. A rogue CIA agent has appeared and is being offered for you to send to your friends.

Now you have to make sure that your Mafia Wars friends all send this to you. Why? Because this agent has some awesome attack stats. As you can see in the image attack is 69 and defense is 30, which isn't too bad either.

You are only allowed to receive 5 rogue agents and if you get sent more they will be converted into energy instead. After you get a rogue agent and want to take a look at it you will find it under your Weapons List, even thought they are saying that it is awesome armor. Go figure?

There are still a few things that I am still not too sure about. The main thing being which of your Mafia members gets the rogue agent if you have more then 50 Mafia members in your family? I have more then 50 and am sure that many of you do as well, but when I clicked the send button, it just said that the rogue agent had been sent to my mafia. Who? I have no idea, so if you are in my Mafia and didn't get it I apologize! The other thing that is unclear is how much energy you will get if you get sent more then 5 agents.

You will also notice that the pop up has a time that shows you how long until the next gift unlocks. So I am assuming that after the timer hits zero, we will be given a new gift to send. Lets hope its as awesome as the rogue agent.

Now get back to the game and send me an agent!!

This article originally appeared on Social Games Help.