Free sample of Suffuse Tea

free tea sample
free tea sample

Get a free sample of Suffuse Tea when you answer a nine-question marketing survey about your tea habits, including where you buy tea, how often you drink it, and whether you prefer hot or iced tea. It's common for companies to offer free samples in exchange for filling out a brief survey and providing basic personal information.

You also will need to share you name, e-mail, phone number, and address to get the free tea sample. Once you do, you can choose from five types of Rooibos tea: red rooibos suffused with hoodia and buchu, red rooibos suffused with buchu, red rooibos suffused with sutherlandia, red rooibos suffused with sceletium, or green rooibos suffused with hoodia and buchu. I have no idea what hoodia, buchu and sutherlandia are, but I'm willing to try it.

The form says they are sending out "sample tea sachets" so it looks like the freebie includes more than one tea bag. It's unclear how long the samples will take to arrive. You should receive an e-mail confirmation about your free order.

Caveats: one sample per person.

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