FluidNow typo costs Florida unemployment filers


In most cases a typo leads to a miscommunication or possibly embarrassment at most, and sometime cash, but unemployed Floridians are finding that a typo can take a bite out of their unemployment benefits. Florida residents who leave a period out of the FluidNow Web address are sent to another website which is full of ads and has resulted in some unemployed individuals paying to get their unemployment benefits.

The correct website to visit is www.FluidNow.com, which is the acronym for Florida Unemployment Internet Direct (FLUID), and will send visitors to the FloridaJobs.org website where they can claim jobless benefits. If users accidentally type wwwfluidnow.com, leaving out the period between "www" and fluidnow" they land on a page full of ads that can direct them to websites that ask for fees to file unemployment benefits.

The incorrect wwwfluidnow.com shows a rotating display of ads relating to unemployment and is registered to an unknown entity that has decided to block the public from seeing its identity with a Whois Privacy service based out of Australia. You can see a sample of what the incorrect FluidNow website looks like below.