FishVille offers fans free Minotaur statue or 5,000 Coins

FishVille free Minotaur
FishVille free Minotaur

In a bizarre show of gratitude, FishVille is giving away a giant Minotaur in-game statue to each player of their Facebook fanpage. And if this hefty, toga-wearing, bull-headed monster of Greek myth is too scary or strange for your taste, you can sell him off to net yourself 5,000 Coins.

Click here for your free Minotaur.

And if anyone missed the previous post -- two hours earlier, FishVille was giving away 3 free Clarkii Clownfish. But don't bother going to the FishVille fanpage for that one, cause they took that post down. The offer should still be available here though.

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