FishVille Fish Love and Heart Points: Everything you need to know

fishville heart points love feature
fishville heart points love feature

FishVille has long since had the "love" feature, where you could earn coins for logging in and clicking the button in the lower left to love your fish. Now, FishVille has given you an even bigger benefit to loving your fish: unlockable fish breeds.

Each time you log in and give your fish love (maximum once per day) you will earn 1 heart point. This heart is saved up and when you have 5 hearts you will unlock a special fish. Right now, that fish is a Tierra Anthias. This fish is only available through this fish loving feature. The key is that the heart accrual will reset after the time specified on the popup window, so you will have to earn them as quickly as you can and log in regularly. Heart points can also be earned by clicking on posts that your friends post to their wall. Each time you love your fish you will get the opportunity to share the love to your wall and allow your friends to claim heart points.

The fish appears as if it will reset when the heart points reset, so we should be seeing a variety of new fish to earn for free in this way. We like ways to get free fish, so we think this is a welcome addition and yet another fun challenge in PetVille. You will still earn coins for loving your fish, this is just another addition to the already liked feature. Or should we say, loved feature?

What do you think of the new Love feature in FishVille?