Found! Leaked images of FarmVille terrier puppies all grown up

Just a few days before our Terrier puppies are destined to reach adulthood, someone scouts a leaked image of what these little doggies will look like all grown up. These pups have proven popular in FarmVille, because -- along with the Border Collies -- these can be purchased with coins, where other puppies require Farm Cash (i.e. real-life cash).

farmville terriers grown up
farmville terriers grown up

Overall, the whole FarmVille dog experiment has been a nice distraction, though we'd be lying if we said we weren't slightly disappointed that the tricks that we've been teaching our grown up dogs have not included anything related to helping us out on the farm. Dutifully logging in for weeks to feed puppies food and then treats to get a simple roll-over or play dead animation? C'mon FarmVille, we were hoping for something more than that.

But, back to the adult Terriers -- if you want to see them in action, click on the animation links below.

  1. FarmVille Unreleased Adult Honey Terrier – Zynga FarmVille Animation

  2. FarmVille Unreleased Adult Creme Terrier – Zynga FarmVille Animation

  3. FarmVille Unreleased Adult Black Terrier- Zynga FarmVille Animation

[Via FarmVille Freak]