FarmVille Dog Herding and Other Tricks, Still Coming Soon


Each FarmVille Dog has a specific trick that is unique to their breed. While all Puppies that have grown into adult Dogs can learn these same tricks: Shake, Roll Over, and Play Dead, each breed of dog will also have an exclusive trick. For example coin purchasable Border Collies can herd as their final trick. After completing all the levels of tricks and the final 7 treats needed to master herding, you will be able to unlock the herding feature, but will still have to wait for this feature to be "live".

FarmVille Freak Robyn's Mastered Herd Trick Notice
FarmVille Freak Robyn's Mastered Herd Trick Notice

Upon mastering the final trick you should receive a pop-up message stating that your pet is "too tired" after mastering all the tricks and will need more time to rest. In other words, Zynga is working on a way to smoothly implement the seemingly complicated feature into the game.

All breed specific tricks are currently "Coming Soon" even if you have mastered the trick with feeding your dog the required treats.

Final Tricks pertaining to Breed of Dog:
* Sheepdog – Harvest Sheep
* Collies – Herd
* Golden Retrievers – Fetch items for you
* Terriers – Harvest Rabbits

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