Crazy Collections of Apartment Dwellers

While designers will tell you to gather and artfully arrange the items you collect, many of these designers probably envision collections of statuettes from your trip to China or maybe even your burgeoning collection of milk glass.

But could these designers be prepared for some of the strangest collections I discovered while poking around the web?

In Washington, D.C., there's an eclectic shop, Wake Up Little Suzie, that's filled to the brim with strange and unusual decorations, toys, jewelry and home goods. Its owner, Susan Lihn, spoke about her home decor in a recent article in TheWashington Post's Express, D.C.'s free daily commuter newspaper.

As one might expect, Lihn's amassed an unusual collection of items to showcase around her home.

In the article D.C. designer Annie Elliott of the interior design firm Bossy Color says, "Collecting, in general, is a little bit of a dying art; people aren't collecting the way they used to.... It really distinguishes you and your space. Collecting something makes you interesting."

Well, it doesn't get more interesting than these:

In February, Rented Spaces introduced you to Morgan Mavis and her apartment full of stuffed-and-mounted animals (pictured). But this collection isn't meant for just her and her partner Christopher Bennell; the pair opened their strangely curated space as the Contemporary Zoological Conservatory. For a small entry fee, you can be bewildered by their collection of things that once flew, swam and roared.

Antlers, Chickens and Eyeballs -- Oh My!

Admittedly, antlers are not that unusual in decor these days. In fact, it's probably jumped the shark now that you can easily find expensive porcelain antler lamps and a slew of other questionable antler decor. But finding 54 sets of antlers in any one bathroom is kind of impressive. Bruce Norman Long is an interior designer near Philadelphia with some serious collection-addiction. Seemingly mild-mannered, the designer also collects colorful African bugs, a random assortment of taxidermy, and an impressive display of glass eyeballs (be sure to look at the slideshow!).

Bizarre Indoor Plants
Yes, it's extremely normal to have some potted plants scattered throughout one's apartment. (We should know, we cover it a wholelot.) The website You Grow Girl took a tour of a fellow Torontonian apartment that's full of "diminutive plants." For those of you with an ability to keep plants alive, the impressive collection of conophytums, lithops, pleiospilos and euphorbias will get your green thumb twitching. For the rest of us the pictures of these plants just look really cool -- and a lot like body parts.

Archaeological Finds

In 2006, an apartment fire in Prague killed the inhabitant but left behind a most odd assortment of metal objects. The aspiring archaeologist who lived in there had amassed over 3,000 metal objects in his collection. The Czech Academy of Sciences' Archaeological Institute estimated that the collection could be worth millions on the black market. Some of the pieces are truly unique and, unfortunately, since there's no documentation of where the pieces were found, it's impossible to trace their exact origins. (Of note, the fire was started due to a cigarette-smoking in bed -- let's be careful, people!)

A Real Curiosity Shop
Artist William Schaff has cornered the market on weird decor. There's a collection of skulls and taxidermy; a plethora of his small paintings, album art and embroideries covering the walls; and plastic figurines hanging from the rafters. But it makes sense that the Rhode Island artist's live/work space should echo his eclectic work -- it will definitely keep the people coming back to take it all in. See more of his work on his Flickr page.
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