Coney Island for Sale? We Are Not Amused


Poor Coney Island. Piece by piece it's been dismantled, rezoned, and shut down, all with the promise of building a bigger, better, newer Coney. Now Crain's NY reports that three acres of Coney Island are up for sale, bringing more uncertainty to the already wobbly prospects for the area.

The owner, apparently, is Horace Bullard, who owns the Kansas Fried Chicken chain (which seems to have its home in the Bronx, not Wichita). And we don't know the reason for the sale, or the price.

We do know that there are some constraints on the purchase. It has been rezoned as an amusement district and thus no condos can go up on the site -- forget your living-room view of the Cyclone.

"Amusements, small retail and entertainment" are what's permitted.