Best queso? We rank the house brands

battle of the brands: Queso
battle of the brands: Queso

Cinco de Mayo's

right around the corner kids, so round up the dorm mates, buy some margarita mix, snatch a bag of salty tortilla chips, and of course, get some ... queso.

Ah queso: that magical, cheesy concoction that makes the chip eating experience all the more exquisite -- that is unless you get a terrible store brand in an attempt to save some cheddar, er, cash. There's one private label pseudo-queso Store Brand Scorecard strongly suggests you avoid, despite its comparatively low price point. But there's good news: Store Brand Scorecard found two store brands that actually top Tostitos' queso in price and in taste.

All brands were purchased at Chicago-area stores on April 17. Prices are subject to change based on region and date of purchase.

Brand Name:
$3.39 at Target, $4.39 at a Chicago-area grocery store
15 oz.
Nutritional Facts:
(for two tablespoons) 40 calories (25 from fat), 2.5 grams of fat (4% recommended daily value), Less than 5 milligrams of cholesterol (1% recommended daily value), 280 milligrams of sodium (12% recommended daily value), 5 grams total carbohydrate (2% recommended daily value)
Cheesy, but a bit bland and thin (water is the first listed ingredient), with just a hint of heat from the occasional jalapeno.