Walk like an Egyptian in Island Paradise

Ancient Egypt theme in Island Paradise
Ancient Egypt theme in Island Paradise

Island Paradise has just finished up with Archeology Week, and now it has moved on to Ancient Egypt theme. This is a fairly similar theme but has some unique differences such as more gold items, pyramids and sphinxes. There is a rather wide variety of items in this theme, including the ability to dress your avatar up as a mummy. Here is the full list of Ancient Egypt themed items in Island Paradise:

Cobra - 250 Meteor Credits (5 Days Left)
Mummy Sarcophagus - 350 Meteor Credits (5 Days Left)
Gold Cannon - 400 Meteor Credits
Golden Urn - 2500 coins
Hieroglyphic Stone - 5500 coins
Anubis Statue - 25,000 coins
Sobek Statue - 20,000 coins
Pyramid - 15,000 coins
Sphinx - 20,000 coins
Mummy Shirt - 1500 coins
Mummy Head - 1500 coins
Mummy Pants - 1500 coins

This does appear to be a rather small release, but we're sure that throughout the week there will be more Egyptian items released in Island Paradise. Log in and check out the new items today.