Unique Mother's Day gift ideas from the dollar store


Every year you wonder what you can possibly get your mom that will really show how much you appreciate her and every year it gets harder to find something different. As an empty-nester mom myself, I can tell you that having my adult kids appear on my doorstep from time to time is gift enough. Anything they might bring to give me on a special occasion is like chocolate drizzle on chocolate layer cake, unnecessary but delightful.

We all enjoy giving and receiving gifts but, once you understand that it doesn't have to be a dozen roses or some other ridiculously priced item, you can relax and just have fun with it. (In case my kids are reading this, I'd really appreciate a tray of bedding plants for the front garden.)

Dollar Tree has some suggestions for putting together unique baskets for Mother's Day gift ideas. Well, one of them is a spa gift basket, which is pretty much not unique, but if your mom enjoys relaxing in the tub and pampering items in general, what the heck, a spa gift is a no-fail mom pleaser.