Restaurant City: Get 1,000 coins free for 24 hours

Restaurant City free 1000 coins
Restaurant City free 1000 coins

Restaurant City is always giving out rewards to players for reading their fan page, and today there is a special surprise. For the next 24 hours only, players can claim 1,000 free coins by clicking this link. Getting coins is always a great reward because it means that you can spend the money any way that you like.

Considering there are a ton of new recipes and decor available to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, there is plenty to spend 1,000 coins on. But like most promotions, you have to click on the link right away before it expires. Once you click the link, you do have to load all the way into the game, because a message pops up that requires you to click "accept" in order to actually receive the reward. It will then give you the opportunity to share to your wall that you have received a free coin bonus in Restaurant City, so that your friends know it is available. What are you waiting for? Claim your free coins!

Did you get your free coins from Restaurant City yet?