Let your flag fly high in Tiki Farm with new country flags

Tiki Farm country flags
Tiki Farm country flags

Tiki Farm have been releasing new flags rather frequently, asking players which country flags they should release next. The latest batch of flags have now been released in the Shop. All of the country flags are available for 1 Facebook Credit, so you'll have to pay 10 cents to obtain your country's flag. Here is the list of new flags:

Australia Flag
Bulgaria Flag
Germany Flag
Greece Flag
Mexico Flag
Puerto Rico Flag
Serbia Flag
Spain Flag
Sweden Flag

These flags have an animation that makes them look like they are blowing in the wind. If your country isn't represented here, Playdom are asking fans to post on their wall with their country so that they can be added.

Is your country represented in Tiki Farm with a flag? Let us know if it isn't!