Jump for joy with this Bouncy House in Tiki Resort

Tiki Resort Bouncy House
Tiki Resort Bouncy House

Tiki Resort has just released a new limited edition Bouncy House, and it's available now in the Shop. Most buildings in Tiki Resort do not have any additional functionality, however the items that cost Facebook Credits often do have added bonuses. The Bouncy House will make all of your tourists happy when you collect from it.

The Bouncy House is available for 29 Facebook Credits, which is a pretty reasonable price when compared to the other limited edition buildings, the Wedding Chapel (39 Facebook Credits) and the Sno-Cone Vendor (109 Facebook Credits). While the Bouncy House may not fit alongside your beach decor, the bonus of making all of your tourists happy is a welcome addition.

The Bouncy House will only be available in Tiki Resort until it's sold out, and as of this writing there are 868 of them left.

What do you think of the new Bouncy House? Will you be buying one?