Create new freeform pathways in Zoo Paradise

Zoo Paradise paths
Zoo Paradise has just launched a new feature, the ability to create freeform paths in your zoo. These paths are perfect for placing in between your zoo habitats, and giving pedestrians some place to walk while they're enjoying your animals and concessions. Currently there are two of these paths available, cement and gravel.
Zoo Paradise cement tile and gravel tile
You can find these new paths in the shop, under the Decorations tab. The cement path costs 2 coins per tile, and the gravel path costs 4 coins per tile. When you purchase one of them, it puts the path on your cursor and allows you to place as many as you want. You can either click each tile individually to place a scattered path, or you can click and hold the mouse to drag the path whichever direction you wish. After you have created the path, you can then confirm or cancel. This is different from other games where you are not able to preview the path before buying. If you cancel, you are not charged for any of the path, and you can start over.

What kind of paths are you hoping Zoo Paradise will release?
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