Two Additional Changes to New FarmVille Gifting System


Over the past few weeks Zynga has been slowly rolling out a new gifting system. As we reported previously, you now have an option to accept and send free gifts in the FarmVille game screen. In the upper right corner of the screen there is an envelope, you can click on this to accept gifts neighbors have sent you. After selecting the envelope, a new screen will pop up allowing you to accept or ignore gifts, accept neighbor requests as well as help neighbors through requests.

FarmVille in game message center

There have been two significant changes this week to the new gifting/request system.

1. After accepting a gift, there is now an option to send a Thank You gift in return. It does not redirect you, another screen simply pops up allowing you to send the same gift in return, much like on Facebook, rather then choosing from a menu of all gifts.

FarmVille in game Thank You gift option

2. The most important and significant change to the new in game gifting system came last night. You no longer need to reload your farm in order to receive gifts. After accepting (and returning) simply wait a moment and mouse over your gift box, and the number will change and the gifts will appear.

This new in game gifting option has been updated/changed slowly. With each change, gifting seems to become easier and faster.

Have you been using the in game gifting system? What other changes would you like to see?

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