Warren Buffett Gives Kids Early Start on Investing Smarts via Cartoon

Secret Millionaires Club
Secret Millionaires Club

OMAHA - It's never too early to learn the basics of investing, right?

Famed investor Warren Buffett doesn't think so. He bought his first stock at the tender age of 11, and his first bet sparked an interest that set the stage for a lucrative career that made him one of the world's most influential investors.

Today, all grown up, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) is sharing some of his financial tips with children through the Secret Millionaires Club -- a partnership arranged by AOL (AOL) and A(2) Entertainment.

Kids can tune in to a new animated series on SMCKids.com -- where Buffett lends his voice to a cartoon character to teach children valuable financial lessons. "It's important that children become knowledgeable about finances and understand the value of basic business skills," Buffett said in a statement.

The debut episode launched today at Berkshire Hathaway's shareholder meeting. In total, there'll be 26 weekly webisodes, and a television series is also in the works.

Below is a preview of the debut episode where Buffett helps a child raise money for her school trip. Click here to view the complete episode.