How to Quit a Job in 10 Days

Using the Advice of Romantic Comedy Stars to Leave a Gig Peacefully

quitA few years ago, romantic comedy starts Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey duked it out in the popular "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." While Kate took all the relationships don'ts to an extreme, Matt fired back with all of the romantic do's.

The comedy duo demonstrated all the right and wrong things to do not only in a relationship, but at your job. When you decide to quit your job for either personal reasons or if you found a better opportunity elsewhere, take a few tips from Hudson and McConaughey's characters on how to leave your gig peacefully. This includes not calling your boss "Benny boo boo" and decorating his office with stuffed animals.

Don't Talk About Your Future

When leaving your job, you don't want to brag about your future plans to your boss or your co-workers. Hudson creates a scrapbook of her and McConaughey's future, including creepy photos of their possible children. If you quit your job, it will be insensitive and inappropriate to talk about your future -- especially if you're not asked about it.

Do Listen To Others

While Hudson would ask her date annoying, nonstop questions during key Knicks games, McConaughey always fired back by listening to all of Hudson's needs and doing his best to stay patient. When you quit your job, it puts a lot of pressure on your boss and the rest of the company to find a replacement or delegate your work to others in the office. Instead of asking a lot of questions about how things will be handled after your departure, remain a good listener so that your transition will be a smooth one.

Don't Forget to Follow Procedure

In the movie, Hudson starts calling McConaughey's mom and then invites herself over to a family gathering, pushing as far on the boundaries of the new relationship as they would allow. If you decide to leave your job, take your immediate supervisor's ego into consideration and keep him included on any decisions regarding your leave.

Do Leave a Good Impression

Before Hudson and McConaughey's relationship went sour, the two were always sure to leave a good impression at the end of every date. From leaving behind basketball game tickets to sending flowers, the two made sure to leave on a positive note. During your last few moments at your job, be sure to thank all the appropriate people for your valuable experience and make sure to leave a positive and lasting impression.

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