Home TV: Week in Review

So many home improvement TV shows: so little time. I know, it could take you days of viewing to get up to speed. That's why we've provided you with sound-bite summaries of all of this week's top home improvement shows. That's right, it's all here for you.

We picked up your home-improvement TV-watching slack to bring you up-to-speed on this week's episodes of "Flip This House," "Extreme Makeover," "Divine Design" and more. Here's what happened ...

"Flip This House" (A&E Saturdays 11/10c)
The team has joined forces with a pair of investors. They head back to East Atlanta for what should be an easy flip. Ha! That's what they always think--AT FIRST! The house turns out to be more more of a nightmare than they all bargained for. Their big plans to flip a '40s-era charmer takes another detour when they make costly mistakes flipping the house into the 21st century.

"Extreme Makeover" (ABC Sunday nights 8/7c)
Do you like the Blue Collar Comedy Tour? Well, Larry the Cable guy's friend, Bill Engvall is on hand to help out and rebuild a house for a Texas family who faces physical challenges. The family relocates to Hawaii where they spend time with pro-
surfer Bethany Hamilton. When are they going to have Jeff Foxworthy on?

"Divine Design" (HGTV Saturdays 8/7c)
Two childhood sweethearts have been married for 22 years and live in the house where the husband grew up and where he now runs his family's large chinchilla farm business. Sounds like a chaotic nightmare. Their kitchen is the hub command center which has suffered much wear-and-tear. Their kitchen is now a dated/dysfunctional area of the home with only two working electrical outlets for cooking. The couple would love a beautiful, updated kitchen. That's where host Candice steps in to turn this worn out country kitchen into a fabulous and functional modern space for many.

"The Outdoor Room" (HGTV Saturdays 1/noon c)
A couple and their two children are a green, eco-conscious family. They are all for taking care of the planet. This involves
growing their own organic vegetables in their giant backyard. They'd like to keep their large backyard sustainable, but need host Jamie's help for inspiration. Exploring Los Angeles, Jamie decides to do a contemporary sustainable outdoor breakfast nook and lounge area with a productive food garden. Jamie takes away an idea for A-frame climbing structures for vegetables and herbs as well as a worm farm for natural composting.

"My First Place" (HGTV Tuesdays and Thursdays 8/7c)
An attorney/musician wants to find his first place in one of Philadelphia's funky, hipster neighborhoods. Depending on his mother for advice turns foul when she gets a bit too involved in the house hunting process for his comfort.
It doesn't help that the attorney/musician tends to put in low-ball bids which has resulted in a string of rejections. His realtor is close to throwing in the towel. Look out!

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