Hire This Guy: Randy's Response to Tory's Plan of Action

By Randy Thorton

hire this guyYes, I need to get more active on social media. This is an area where I am admittedly green and I need to learn a lot more about it. I don't fully understand how it all works together and where I should be focusing my efforts.

I like the idea of partnering with a local business owner; this could be a great way for me to swap services to build my portfolio in a niche field. This also could be a way for me to get what I need while giving back in return and possibly gaining new clients in the process.

I recently landed a paid freelance gig with a local dentist. This was through a connection with my local job club. I am excited to finish up the project and hope to be able to get more work from him.

The experience has been a great learning one for me, as I am now doing it all myself -- scripting, producing, shooting, lighting and editing. I'm not used to the entire process and have a lot of things to fine-tune. I also just booked two weddings -- another niche market -- so the work is slowly coming.

Yet at the end of the day I know I need to get more active to build my exposure and land more paying work.

Also, another bit of good news: April 27 is my first day working for the Census. Even though it's not tied to video production, it's a paying job, and it's yet another opportunity for me to be out there interacting with as many people as possible. It feels good to be busy.

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