Hire This Guy: Tory's Plan of Action for Randy

hire this guyOne area of opportunity for Randy is online social media. He should build a digital presence to promote his work and his expertise. He's really never had to do it, so I know there's a big learning curve ahead; but there's no doubt he could dive in and be successful at it. A website or blog would showcase his portfolio of work -- and it's something he can point to when networking and building relationships on Facebook.

Randy should also create a list of people to pitch for freelance production work. Even though he's only worked for media outlets covering news stories, his production skills are highly transferable, especially in this digital age. Working for a media outlet may not be likely, but making a living in video production is something he can certainly do for the rest of his career.

For example, Randy recently met with a local builder who is giving him an opportunity to create videos for the real estate market. That could lead to other niche work too. What other niche markets can he target based on his friends and contacts?

Another idea for Randy is to seek out people that could complement his services. For example, a graphic designer, a web developer, a marketing specialist, a social media guru, a copywriter, etc. That way he can build a list of service providers that he would recommend -- and in return they would do the same. With so many freelancers today, it's a smart way to get more work and to build a network of service providers. He should partner only with people he believes are good at what they do and would feel comfortable recommending him to others.

He can operate with minimal overhead, which is to Randy's advantage. Now it's time to get out there and really market and sell his services. That's a new process for anyone who's out of work, but he's got the talent and personality to shine.

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