FishVille Mushroom Mounds feature expires May 4

fishville mushroom mounds
fishville mushroom mounds

Attention FishVille mushroom gatherers -- looks like those carefully cultivated 'shrooms will expire on May 4, so you need to make sure you accept any gifted mushrooms and redeem them for any of the Mushroom Mound items you've been eyeballing.

Here's the official note from FishVille moderator Susannah:

Hey guys!!

I just wanted to let you all know that the mushroom mound feature & so the mushrooms will be expiring on Tuesday, May 4, 2010! So, I'd advise you to cash in as many of your mushrooms as you want to over the next couple of days!

We heard you last time about needing clear warning more in advance, and so this time around you have 4 days to redeem your mushrooms.

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