FarmVille free fuel glitch: Send unlimited fuel to friends


There's a FarmVille fuel glitch that you can exploit to send unlimited fuel to friends in FarmVille. Starting today, you'll see an orange fuel can on the left-hand side of the game screen. Click it, and you'll be able to post a message on your Facebook wall that says '______ wants to share some fuel with their friends in FarmVille.' Click on 'Get free fuel' to get your free fuel...

If you want to keep sending friends free fuel -- reload the game and then the icon will reappear on the left-hand side of the screen again. Keep clicking to repost the free fuel message to your wall, and friends can keep accepting the fuel. We don't know how long this little glitch will last, so take advantage while you still can. We won't tell...

farmville fuel glitch
farmville fuel glitch

Did you give this a try? Did it work for you??

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