Movie Watch: Real Estate Developers vs. Nature in 'Furry Vengeance'


What's worse: The destruction of a pristine nature preserve? Or a once-promising actor getting sprayed by a posse of skunks, hunted by a brown bear, and trapped inside a portable toilet and covered in poop.

That's the question, more or less, posed by the new movie "Furry Vengeance" which opens in theaters across the country today. The film stars Fraser, who made audiences feel his struggle in "School Ties," and Brooke Shields. Fraser plays an Oregon real estate developer who relocates his family from Chicago to build a shopping mall over a national forest.

With the investment dollars of environmentally insensitive businessmen already in motion, a war begins. It's man against beast. Fraser's character must battle a beast bigger than budget cuts -- a forest of slick and witty woodland creatures who exact revenge on him and the real estate venture in order to keep their home.

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