The Money Diet, week 17: the 27-fat-gram sandwich setback

Several days ago, I was in my kitchen, mid-morning, feeling peckish when I suddenly remembered there was a breakfast sandwich in the freezer. And I just figured, "Well, I'll eat it. What's the harm?"

But as the microwave seconds ticked away, I made the mistake of looking at the nutritional information on the box and did a double take. Apparently, there was a lot of harm in that breakfast sandwich. My little tiny meal -- one of those copycat Egg McMuffin sandwiches, only with sausage instead of ham -- had 27 grams of fat, including three grams of trans fat, which is infamous for being the worst type of fat.

You could throw it away, a little voice said.

I can't throw it away. I spent $1.49 on that thing.

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