Lindsay Lohan's Landlord Seeks Restraining Order

lindsey lohan restraining orderA family built around restraining orders is a family potentially purchasing a lot of real estate. No one can live under the same roof together!

Earlier this week Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali Lohan were preparing to file restraining orders against their father, Michael Lohan -- that was confirmed by their mother, Dina Lohan, to celebrity entertainment site E! Online. Now, Lindsay Lohan's landlord is considering legal action against the troubled actress' father.TMZ reported that the unnamed landlord asked Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley for assistance in keeping Daddy Lohan off her Los Angeles property following two highly publicized incidents last week. The first fracas was on April 22nd when Michael raided his estranged daughter's apartment with police, allegedly to make sure that his youngest daughter, Ali, who had moved in with Lindsay, was living under safe conditions.

A repeat of his concern for Ali's welfare occurred a few days later on April 24th, when he showed up without the police but with plenty of unwanted commotion. According to the landlord, Michael was asked to leave.

"In light of the landlord's concerns, I may go to court to keep Michael away," Holley told TMZ.

Mother Dina has echoed her concern about her ex-husband's intentions and mental state.

"He is dangerous, a felon, and a media whore," she told E! Online adding. "Ali is not in danger. [Michael] needs help. He needs to be tested."

Meanwhile another celebrity from Lohan's hometown of Long Island has added her two cents: Rosie O'Donnell. She expressed her feelings that Lindsay needs "severe intervention" to Access Hollywood.

"She's a kid from Exit 51 on Long Island.... That's exactly where I grew up. There were like five people that were famous in the area where we grew up and she's one of them, and it makes me very sad."

TMZ last reported that Lohan was approached to be on the Vh1 reality series "Celebrity Rehab" for $1 million.
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