Justin Bieber is NOT giving away 5,000 iPads at WinaiPad.net

iPad giveaway a hoaxParents, if you didn't include talking about the dangers of entering online contests with your children when you told them about safe surfing practices now's the time. Cyber Defender just sent WalletPop a warning about a tweet that sounds too good to be true, but may prove too tempting for your teen or tween -- especially if they are a Justin Bieber fan that wants an iPad.

According to a string of tweets currently circulating on Twitter, the singing sensation will be giving away signed iPads to select fans that visit a web site and enter their cell phone number. The tweets read as follows, "Justin Bieber is Giving a Signed IPad To The First 5000 Lucky Fans that go winaipad.net and enters in their 10 digit phone number!" Some versions of the message claim to be giving away a much smaller amount, only 500 iPads.

Whatever the number of iPads WinAniPad claims to be giving awayon behalf of Justin Bieber, they are not.

Cyber Defender found that the link redirects young Bieber fans to a site asking for their cell phone number for a chance to win the new Apple iPad. In order to enter you just have to answer who founded Apple and hand over your cell phone number -- which will be charged $9.99 a month for membership in the "Ringtone Hot's Unlimited Club subscription service." Even if you catch the mistake and cancel the service you're still going to owe your cell phone company $9.99 for the first month's bill.

Cyber Defender shared four tips on how to keep your teen safe online:
  • Do not enter any personal information into an unknown site.
  • Always read subtext when applying for contests or online deals.
  • Make sure to monitor what children are doing online.
  • Ensure children understand that they need parental approval before accepting any kind of offer online.
These tips are good for all of us to remember, especially the one about reading the subtext or fine print, before signing up for anything online; especially contests for free expensive new gadgets. If you haven't had a talk with your child about the troubles that can come from giving out information online, today would be the perfect time to have the chat. While you're at it, you can tell them not to rack up a $1,375 bill playing Farmville!
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