'Home Rules': She Nags. He Doesn't Listen. They Get a New Home

Why weren't you watching HGTV's "Home Rules" Tuesday night? Haven't you been following this home improvement show with the Dr. Phil element? We saw. We love it. We will bring you up to speed.

Life coach Fran Harris laid it on thick to another couple having troubles: "If your life is a wreck then so is your home." Because "Home Rules"is not only about renovating some lucky couple's home, it's also about fixing the family's problems before renovations begin.

And know what? Before the contractors renovate, the family must earn it. (But chances are they will renovate the home anyway, because they spend so much money to get the camera crew out to their home, and I'm sure the show has a tight budget.)

Episode 7: Dad Stops His Overspending, and Mom Stops The Nagging

The Setup:
Imagine this on "Home Rules." David and Jazmine are a young couple who are having problems -- and their living space isn't helping any. Along with their two kids, their house is set up like an anthill, with everyone on top of one another. Don't even get me going about the state of their kitchen -- don't! To make matters worse, David feels Jazmine nags him all the time. Jazmine, on the other hand, feels David doesn't listen to her. (Don't even get her started about his inability to take out the recycling.) To top it off, David has a habit of crazy overspending. What can a couple do? Is there hope? FRAN, COME IN AND SAVE THIS POOR COUPLE AND THEIR HOME!!!

The Prescription: Fran jumps in to save the day. Before home improvements can begin, David agrees to auction off some of his crazy purchases. (Goodbye, Samurai sword). The couple also needs to open lines of communication. To help with this Fran gives each of them a counter. David gets a Nag-o-Meter: Every time Jazmine nags him he clicks the meter. Jazmine gets a Freeze-Out counter: When she feels David is ignoring what she's saying she also gives the meter a click. With the money they got from auctioning David's junk the two go shopping for something nice for their new home. Tally: David ends up with 32 nags while Jazmine is ignored by David 37 times. They both realize, with Fran's help, that this is something they need to work on. So ... LET'S REFURBISH THAT HOUSE!

The Conclusion: David and Jazmine practice their new communication skills at a fancy dinner. Meanwhile the crew starts knocking out walls to open up the family space, and to transform the kitchen from a cramped area into a central focal point of the house. In the bathroom, they take out the crusty 1961-era tile and make it a state-of-the-art facility. The entire house is transformed into a space that reflects the couple's new relationship -- all open, but it comes together. Guess what? The couple loves it. Tears. Cries of "Oh my god!" David makes the promise to maintain the house. Hurrah!

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