'Tough as Nails' Episode 6: Cindy Stumpo Gets Framed

Viewers seem to have strong opinions about HGTV's "Tough as Nails." Either they love it or hate it. For some, the show should be entitled, "Tough as Nails Against a Mental Chalkboard." Here's one email comment we got about the reality show from a woman named Sally:

WOULD NOT give this family show time ... very rude people. Met her in person as well as her ex- hubbie theres the fake layer then the real layer. Good luck! I would NEVER recommend her.

Hmmmm? Someone has got some issues about "Tough as Nails" star Cindy Stumpo, who's a female builder trying to juggle the family business, demanding clients, and her personal life, while working in a male-dominated industry,

Episode 6: Cindy Stumpo Gets Framed
Holy cow! Cindy and her crew try to frame a house in bad, snowy Boston weather. The owner's plans for the house insist on lots of windows. Cindy insists that there needs to be more walls. Cindy assures that once she gets the plans its her job to put the pieces of the puzzle together to make the owner happy.

Then conflict: Cindy suffers one of her occasional panic attacks. With the backing of sentimental piano music, we learn that "Tough as Nails" Cindy suffers panic disorder. This is brought about by the memory of her brother who died in 1990. But business is business and personal is personal so Cindy feels it's her need to get back to work because its her responsibility to BUILD!

But there's a problem with one of her sub-contractors: He doesn't show up for work. Cindy has a theory that he's off working the day on another building site. Look out! Cindy drives to the other site to find him hard at work. This doesn't sit well with C. Stumpo.

In the end, Cindy takes comfort with her ex-husband Joe in regard to her panic attacks. He thinks her attacks are her mother's sign to tell her to slow down. But there's no slowing down Cindy Stumpo. Stay tuned to find out what happens to her next week on "Tough as Nails."

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