FarmVille Limited Edition Southwestern Crops: Agave & Nopales

farmville nopalesfarmville agave
In further celebration of the Southwestern theme, FarmVille released two new limited edition crops- Agave and Nopales.

Agave (previously unreleased item on FarmVille Freak) can be purchased for 120 coins, takes 16 hours to grow and yields 240 coins when harvested.

Nopales can be purchased for 80 coins, takes 16 hours to grow and yields 200 coins when harvested.

You can purchase Agave and Nopales seeds in the FarmVille Market during the next 28 days only. Neither of these crops will have Crop Mastery due their limited edition status.

Will you grow Agave or Nopales on your farm?

This originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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