FarmVille gift acceptance is tweaked yet again, but is that a good thing?

Earlier in the week, we took a detailed look at the FarmVille gifts acceptance screen, and the new tweaks added to our gift boxes. The technical changes have continued now later into the week, with Zynga seemingly looking to prepare for the future removal of traditional Gift Requests on the part of Facebook.

To put it bluntly, these changes are going to force you to spend a lot more time accepting gifts, including those random items that you'll find on your news feed, like coin bonuses, free Farmhands, experience points, Arborists (and the like), mystery eggs and so on.

For starters, when accepting a free gift from friends, via the traditional method seen below, you'll still be taken to a secondary page where you can accept the gift and send back an identical one, but when answering the question of "Do you have more pending gifts to accept?" even if you click yes, the game will revert you straight to the FarmVille game page, where the flash window begins to load, rather than taking you back to the your list of pending gift requests.

Clicking on the "Yes" button now causes the game, rather than the gift requests page, to load.
What this means is that after you accept each gift in such a way (rather than using the game's new gifts acceptance screen – which comes with its own problems – see our in-depth look at the feature), you'll have to manually browse back to the Facebook home page, and back to the gift requests screen before you can accept another gift. While this may only add a few seconds to the process, when accepting gifts in bulk, the problem becomes one of annoyance due to its inconvenience, rather than a complaint over wasted time.
Likewise, when accepting the items on your news feed, you'll now have to confirm that you would like to accept the item in question. While formerly, you could simply click on "Claim Your Reward" or any similar link to be taken to a page where you automatically accepted the prize, you'll now have to take the extra step of answering "yes," that you would indeed like to accept the free item. This seems like a step backwards for Zynga, as it wastes time, rather than saving it, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt – perhaps their reasoning will become clear in the future.

Lastly, still on the topic of free news feed items, when you accept a mystery egg, you will literally accept a mystery egg, rather than having it automatically "hatch" into the prize that spawns in your gift box. What this means is that you'll have a gift box full of colored mystery eggs that function in the same way as a Mystery Gift Box – you place them on your farm and hatch them manually.

Again, just as the changes found earlier in the week, these tweaks are far from deal-breakers, as the game remains just as addictive as it ever was, regardless of the added time we'll now have to spend accepting gifts. However, it does bring up a great topic for discussion, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject – all told, how do you feel about gift requests now that these new changes, both those from earlier in the week and more recently, have come into play?

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