FarmVille Botanical Garden: Everything you need to know

Get ready to lean to your FarmVille friends to help you build another building. Much like the Horse Stables and Maison, the new FarmVille Botanical Garden, which launched l requires you to ask friends for parts to complete the building.

To get started on your Botanical Garden, open the Market and then head to the Buildings section. There are two options for the Botanical Garden -- buy the foundation for this new building for 5,000 coins and then ask friends to help you build the rest. Or, if you don't want to bother bugging your pals for parts (or you just don't have any friends *sadface*), you can buy a completed Botanical Garden for 50 FV Cash (roughly $10).

farmville botanical garden

Since most of you -- like us -- will probably opt to build it yourselves, here's more info on how to get that done. Spend the 5k coins and place the Garden on your farm. A word of warning: this new structure is quite large, and you'll need to make sure you have enough room to place it on your farm. Once it's set, then start hitting up friends for the 49 materials required to complete your Garden (the garden automatically comes with one of the materials when you buy it, in our case, a Glass Sheet).
Here's a list of all the materials you'll need to get the job done (10 of each):

Irrigation Pipe
Green Beam
Glass Sheet
White Trellis
Floral Bracket

farmville wall post

Like the rest of the FarmVille buildables, there are a few way to acquire these materials. The first is to ask friends by posting a help message on your Facebook Wall, which you will be able to do after you buy the Botanical Garden and after you've gathered half (25) of the required materials. The first 10 people who click on the link will collect a random building component. After you've collected 10 of any of these items, you'll be able to post a message to your Facebook Wall, and the first 10 people who click on it will get the same material for their Garden.

farmville botanical garden free gifts

The second, and most popular, way is to send specific friends a request by clicking on your Botanical Garden, select 'Look Inside' and then, on the Botanical Garden pop-up window, select Ask For More under the item you need, then send that request to your FV neighbors. Friends will then be able to send items via free gifts, but each person will only have access to two (randomly selected) of the five items required. Or, if you want a short cut, you can send any gift using these Botanical Garden Quick Links.

farmville garden parts

The third way to acquire materials is to buy them in the store. Each items can be purchased for 1 Farm Cash Each. If you get tired of all that collection mid-way through the project, there's a handy option to complete the Botanical Garden for a discounted rate. And here's what the Botanical Garden looks like when it's complete ... *drumroll please*

botanical garden

After you finish the Botanical Garden, you'll be able to wipe the sweat off your brow, stretch your fingers and celebrate with friends by posting a message on your Facebook wall. The first five neighbors who click on the post will score a new Hanging Flowers decoration, which has already been available as a Free Gift for the past few weeks. Would be nice to share something a little more unique with friends after all that hard work -- but guess it's better than nothing.

An important note: like unlike the Horse Stables, the Botanical Garden is not a functional building. You won't be able to harvest extra plants or anything of that ilk after its complete. It's a bit of a bummer, but maybe the powers that be will change their minds at a later date.

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Got any tips on building the Botanical Garden? Looking for friends to build this with you? Leave a note in the comments below.
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