FarmVille Botanical Garden: Everything you need to know

Get ready to lean to your FarmVille friends to help you build another building. Much like the Horse Stables and Maison, the new FarmVille Botanical Garden, which launched l requires you to ask friends for parts to complete the building.


To get started on your Botanical Garden, open the Market and then head to the Buildings section. There are two options for the Botanical Garden -- buy the foundation for this new building for 5,000 coins and then ask friends to help you build the rest. Or, if you don't want to bother bugging your pals for parts (or you just don't have any friends *sadface*), you can buy a completed Botanical Garden for 50 FV Cash (roughly $10).

farmville botanical garden
farmville botanical garden

Since most of you -- like us -- will probably opt to build it yourselves, here's more info on how to get that done. Spend the 5k coins and place the Garden on your farm. A word of warning: this new structure is quite large, and you'll need to make sure you have enough room to place it on your farm. Once it's set, then start hitting up friends for the 49 materials required to complete your Garden (the garden automatically comes with one of the materials when you buy it, in our case, a Glass Sheet).