Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Eco-Modular Furniture From Way Basics!

Building blocks aren't just math and science toys anymore. Thanks to Way Basics, an Irvine, Calif.-based producer of eco-modular storage and home furnishings, they've become furniture for adults, too.

The team at Way Basics uses 99-percent post-consumer recycled paper and turns it into durable zBoard cubes, which then serve as chairs, shelves and storage units. The cubes don't arrive at your door assembled, but don't worry, Way Basics provides a DIY kit for all its furniture construction. You can also check out their instructional videos if you're into a play-by-play.

Many of their fun, sustainable furnishings currently are on sale, but the company is giving an additional, exclusive discount to RentedSpaces readers!

Although you'll have to assemble the furniture yourself, don't think of it as a hassle you might experience with IKEA's goods. The zBoards weigh 62 percent less than particle board and are waterproof (in case you're worried about sweating on your furniture during construction). According to reviews on the company's website and Facebook page, fans actually enjoy building their bookcases, tables and chairs. Perhaps, the experience takes them back to their toddler years. Or perhaps, they even engage their toddlers in the building process.

"We've simplified our assembly process to the point that children can even assemble it. Our furniture requires no tools or hardware to assemble. Well-placed strips of 3M brand industrial strength tape adheres the furniture together making the process literally as easy as peel, stick, done," writes the Way Basics team on the site's blog.

Way Basics' eco-cubes are in such high demand, that fans are posting their requests on the company's Facebook page. Red seems to be the favorite among the fans, but due to low inventory, the only available colors now include blue, pink, orange, green, espresso, black and white. The Way Basics team assures, however, that everything will be back in stock in the middle of May.


Starting today until May 15, 2010, you can get an additional 20 percent off all Way Basics products when you use special offer code RS2010. Happy building!

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