YoVille: High End Yacht Furniture In Store

It is time to decorate your private Yacht with the new Tycoon furniture that was released. Modern wooden coffee tables, ottomans , couches, love seats , sconces and posters... are all available for both coins and YoCash. This is the first luxury update. Expect more items, outfits and surprises soon! Thank you Angie for all pictures and prices after the break.

Can YoVille players handle the luxury? We want to know what you think.

YoVille Miss Captain Plush and Captain Bear PlushYoVille Yacht Furniture: Coffee tables, Porthole, and Sconce
YoVille Yacht Furniture: Clock and Ottomans
YoVille Yacht Furniture: Posters and Maps
YoVille Yacht Furniture: Couch and Loveseat.
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