Wild Ones sale drops accessory prices

wild ones rubber grenade
wild one goo globgun
wild ones mustache
wild ones camo jacket

On Tuesday, Wild Ones announced an accessory sale and slashed prices of various goodies in the store. In addition to the price drops, new items were added to the existing catalog.

While we browsed, a few of the most intriguing deals that caught our attention are pictured above. In proper hands, the extremely bouncy Rubber Grenade is a powerful tool. Likewise, the Goo Globgun can lay down some serious hurt on immobile pets. Both are available for relatively small amount of Coins.

On the accessories front, the valuable 3,000 Coin Camo Jacket offers pets the safety of 5% less damage every hit. Finally, the ever important mustache is available for just 19 Coins and is a must have for any self respected male (or female) fighting pet warrior.

So as the Wild Ones Facebook fan page says, "Check out the accessory section of the store to trick out your pet with some bargain threads!"