Wild Ones multiplayer unleashes unlimited kills

wild ones respawn
wild ones respawn

Traditionally, Wild Ones was a game of survival. Players were given one life, and the winner was the last man standing, regardless of the amount of kills they had accumulated. Players would abuse this by teaming up and hiding in corners, waiting to emerge and finish off the weak players who had been battling it out. The winner was often not the most heroic warrior, but the sneakiest manipulator.

As a result, Wild Ones has made a number of changes to the core multiplayer gameplay. Most significantly, the match winner is no longer determined through the method mentioned above. Now, the winner is the courageous pet who has the highest score by the end of the match. A pet's score is the est number of kills minus the amount of times they died. For example, if in the time limit I got three kills and died once, my score would be two.

This change also means that once a pet dies, they respawn at a different location on the map with full health, and continue playing. Therefore, there is no limit to the possible amount of kills during a game. The default time limit for games is five minutes but that can be extended for even more exciting deathmatches.