SPP Ranch Fruit Trees ready for harvest

spp ranch cherry tree
spp ranch orange tree
spp ranch apple tree
spp ranch tall coconut tree

Trees full of shiny fruit have been introduced to SPP Ranch. Orchards have been springing up everywhere as ranchers plant these new trees on their land.

Till now SPP Ranch had separated itself from other farming games, such as FarmVille, by focusing on raising and selling animals instead of crops and fruit bearing trees. In what appears to be a step towards assimilation, the previously absent fruit trees were released and SPP Ranch started to look like just another farming game clone. However, although at first we were rather unhappy SPP Ranch had squandered some of its uniqueness, we decided the fruit trees were a nice touch and add a little more depth to the game. Our final verdict: orchards are definitely welcome on our ranch.

Eight fruit trees were introduced and every one of them can be harvested. Below you'll see the name of the tree, its price, and the money made through harvesting.