Restaurant City: Viva Mexico! Mexican Taquerias are here

restaurant city mexican taqueria
Restaurant City has rolled out a new Mexican Taqueria theme just in time for Cinco de Mayo. The game had been turning Japanese for the last few weeks and despite the theme's popularity, it was time for some new items. The new theme is filled with bright colors, spicy flavors, and festive sombreros. Similar to past updates, the new theme is all encompassing, and includes decorations, menu items, and music.

Full details about the new theme follow after the link. Check it out, vamos!

Free Gifts

Everyone knows the importance of being generous, and what better time to display your kind heartedness than with the new Mexican theme. Restaurant City now lets players send their friends decorative chili's and cactus juice to display in their eateries. Pictured below.
restaurant city mexican free gifts
The Mexican Taqueria theme offers a wealth of new restaurant decorations:

- Cactus Chair (1,500 Coins)
- Mexican Table (900 Coins)
- String of Chilis Decor (400 Coins or free gift)
- Maracas Wall Decor (900 Coins)
- Serape Wall Hanging (4,000 Coins)
- Cactus Juice (400 Coins or free gift)
- Mexican Spice Rack (1,600 Coins)
- Acoustic Guitar (2,600 Coins)
- Rustic Red Brick Pillar (3,000 Coins)
- Cacti Jose (4,000 Coins)
- Terracotta Tile (45 Coins)
- Stucco Wallpaper (1,100 Coins)
restaurant city pinata
- Stucco Wallpaper Light (1,100 Coins)
- Stucco Wallpaper with Chili Lights (2,400 Coins)
- Pinata (12 Playfish Cash)
- Mariachi Band (90,000 Coins)
- Cactus Dispenser (8 Playfish Cash)
- Tortilla Stove (15 Playfish Cash)

Worth noting are the Pinata, Mariachi Band, Cactus Dispenser, and Tortilla Stove:

The Pinata is a functional item, meaning customers can interact with it. People will actually walk up and smash the pinata. Imagine the Mexican themed restaurant chaos! Every time someone hits the pinata, you'll earn one coin. In addition the pinata must be reset every four goes.
restaurant city mariachi band
restaurant city cactus dispenserThe Mariachi Band is an item only available to the elite Restaurant City players that are level 40 or higher. The expensive band will actually prolong customers' patience by one second, keeping them in your restaurant a little longer in case a seat opens up.

The Cactus Dispenser functions the same way any of the beverage dispensers would. Only that this drink machine is 10 percent faster than usual, making it the fastest beverage machine available in Restaurant City.

Finally, the Tortilla Stove works identically to any of the other stoves, it requires a chef to operate and can cook food for waiters to serve to customers. This stove cooks 12 percent faster than a regular restaurant city tortilla stovestove, and like the Cactus Dispenser, it's the fastest of its kind.

Menu Items
The menu has also received a Mexican flavored update with new dishes.

- Tostadas (Beans, Flower, Tomato, Chicken)
- Mexican Flan (Egg, Cream, Vanilla)
- Beef Enchilada (Chili, Cheese, Beef)

Here's a free chicken ingredient to get you started on those Tostadas: Delish!

Head over to Restaurant City to check out the rest of the new Mexican theme for yourself.
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