Puzzle Quest 2 Mage Trainer on Facebook: Bejeweled meets Dungeons & Dragons

puzzle quest 2 mage trainer
Puzzle Quest is a popular video game series that combines jewel matching a la Bejeweled with classic role-playing game combat a la Dungeons and Dragons. The gist of this game is the following: Match 3 or more gems of the same color to activate spells, then use them on opponents to deplete their health. Once you or your enemy's health hits '0,' it's game over. As a promotion for Puzzle Quest 2, available on Nintendo DS and Xbox Live, creator D3 Publisher released an abbreviated Facebook version of the game -- Puzzle Quest 2 Mage Trainer.quest mage trainer on facebook
Even though this game is designed as a promotion, it's almost robust enough to stand on its own. It has the same kind of jewel-matching, spell-casting, weapons-tossing combat that you'll find in Puzzle Quest 2, but you only have access to one character class (there's four total in the full game). After you beat several computer-controlled enemies, your character will level up and gain access to more powerful spells and weapons. This abridged version of the game doesn't have much of a social component, outside of inviting friends to play and having their top scores appear on a leaderboard.

What we'd really like is for Puzzle Quest creator D3 turn this game into a serious social game instead of a promo to buy other versions of the game, which are due out later this Spring. We could easily see adding in currency, a virtual goods store, in-game gifting and the ability to play in real-time with other Puzzle Questers and this might have half a chance of giving all of those farm and fur (aka, farming games and pet simulation) games a run for their virtual money.

Give Puzzle Quest a try on Facebook and let us know what you think.

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