Guide to the Happy Aquarium Toolbar: Install and get 10 Free Pearls!

Happy Aquarium Toolbar Game Bar Download on Crowdstar
Instead of reloading your game, clicking on the Happy Aquarium "Want to get 10 free pearls?" icon should now deliver you to the gamebar (i.e. toolbar) download page on Crowdstar's site. Click on "Download Gamebar" for a 2.4MB file with the name: FFCrowdstarToolbarInstaller_CDS_tbr_1.8.1.0.exe

But simply downloading the bar isn't going to get you the 10 Pearls. After installation (which should take less than 5 seconds), you're going to have to restart your browser.

Happy Aquarium Toolbar or Gamebar is now installed
Once installed, your toolbar will have the following features: a Web Search box, a Fish Feeding Meter, a Level and XP indicator, little icon shortcuts to other Crowdstar games, like Happy Island and Happy Pets, plus a little red comics bubble icon that leads to a dropdown mini-feed menu of Happy Aquarium news from its Facebook fanpage.

Now it's time to turn on Happy Aquarium. You can do that just by clicking on your shiny new toolbar, which should earn you some coins.
Using the Happy Aquarium Gamebar earns you coins
Only after all of this, will your 10 free Pearls be delivered.

If you hate the toolbar, uninstalling it is a cinch in Firefox. Just go to the top of your browser, click on Tools, Add-Ons, click the Uninstall button for the "Crowdstar Gamebar", and finally, restart your browser.

And the best part of this is, you get to keep the Pearls!
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