Garage Makeovers Go Glam

remodel garage
remodel garage

Garages have always been useful for so many things -- like storing your car, of course -- but also as a space for your kid's punk band to practice and for that great high-tech startup.

But now, thanks to the recession and a crappy real estate market that makes everyone just want to stay put forever, garages are emerging as the next room of the house to renovate for added living space.

If you have one, it's cheaper to remodel a garage than building an extension because the structure already exists (with some oil stains, but still) and as a garage is often detached from the house, it makes for a nice studio, guest room or office with some privacy. What's more, if the real estate market ever recovers and you want to sell, you can describe the garage as an outbuilding on the family compound. Or if you want to make some cash, you can rent out the big house and retire to the garage (which also works if your spouse throws you out).

Shelter publications are taking note of the trend. So after you clear your clutter, what can become of your ugly duckling garage?