FarmVille, Mafia Wars new email requirement: Will you give yours up? [Poll]

mafia wars email required
mafia wars email required

Starting today, FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Treasure Isle and other games from Zynga are requiring that you hand over your email in order to continue playing their games. We've heard numerous reports that players have not been able to access their games without handing over their info.

We handed over our emails a while ago, just because we wanted to stay up to date, but for those who have resisted for whatever reason, this might be the true test to seeing how much longer you will continue to play these games on Facebook.

One commenter from this post we ran earlier today says, "I have no intention of giving Zynga, FarmVille, or any other game access to my already misused email address -- it's MY email address not theirs, or anyone elses! They can kiss my support goodbye! They can further forget the pageviews I generated that they may have sold to advertisers!"

What do you think? Is requiring email to play these game over the top? Take the poll below.